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A’bloom product review ft. Althea Korea

Hola beauty babies!
Ida is here to share not just a product but an experience :3


“  Forever and Ever, Amen – Endless Summer ”

All thanks to Althea Korea for allowing all Malaysian (probably everyone in the world) to purchase authentic beauty products all the way from Korea!

At first I was surprised with the shipping duration,
it took approximately 3 weeks (or less) to arrive
but when I get to know all of them are originally shipped from Korea,
it’s all good to me: D

What’s cherry on top is they have great policies which made me felt secure with the authenticity and pricing:
**Althea authentic guarantee – if products is confirmed as non-authentic,
Althea will honor returns right away and refund 200% of the purchase value
**Best price policy – Althea provides trustworthy and transparent pricing for all products
(this price policy is Ida approved cause many items has massive discount almost every day)
You may also find a lot of Korean beauty products that are not easily found in where ever you are <3
Lastly, don’t worry about the delivery fee cause it’s free for orders above RM99 :B
(and it’s not difficult to achieve RM99 right heheheh)

I’m also excited to share about these newly launched A’bloom products that you can exclusively buy through Althea Korea!

The Ac-me-peach (nourishing), Sparkle-me-bright (brightening), Avo-cuddle-me(nourishing) and Water-me-long (moisturising) masks, BHA Blackhead Blaster and both giant & baby meringue puff.

First off, I was really attracted by the mask packaging, personally think it’s ideal for a gift for your buddy.

Check out the amount of essence it holds! (super-duper generous)

Don’t worry about the mask size toooo

It’s also pretty affordable so here’s where to get them <3

I’m not a person with lotsa blackhead so probably couldn’t tell much about this one,
but I love how it smells (the tea tree scent) and it’s hydrating at the same time.
It doesn’t cause much redness and dryness to my skin (as compared with previous experience)
since it was made from natural ingredients (white willow, charcoal, apricot seed and tea tree leaf oil).

Read more info here

Finally, the puffs!

It was suggested that it’s good for both dry and wet use
Dry puff gives me a perfectly matte finish whereas the wet use gives me a moisturized and glossy look!
UP (DRY- Matte finish) vs. DOWN (WET – Glossy finish)


It’s super easy for wet use, just soak it in water and it will grow slightly bigger (IKR)

And since it can be soaked in water, I also tried washing it with puff wash too!

It worked, so the puffs are reusable 😉

Both giant and baby meringue puff serves the same use
but different areas (wide or small areas)
so I think it’s good to have both as a combination!

Anyway that’s all of my sharing,
would strongly recommend you to buy these affordable and great quality products,
I think it’s on massive promotion (again)
happy shopping at

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